Find Your Small Group

Our Sunday school classes meet at 9:30am every Sunday morning. We center all of our small group around the Bible. Practically, all of our classes use the Gospel Project Bible Study Curriculum. Through this curriculum, we intentionally and systematically study every book of the Bible. We are also encouraged to remember and to focus upon the great theme of Scripture: Jesus...who He is and what He has done.


We also build community together. When you're apart of a Sunday school class at CBC, you serve together, you laugh together, you pray for one another, and you find meaningful friendships. 

  • Adult Sunday School Classes

  • Chad & Amy Roberts

    Young Married Class

    Room 114

  • Tim & Julie Cline

    Young Married Class

    Timothy Room

  • Brian & Sandy Petzel

    College/Young Singles

    Adult Fellowship Area

  • Dave & Amy Brown

    Median Adult Class

    Choir Room

  • Herbie Strange

    Median Adult Class

    Room 112

  • Jim & Pat Rucker

    Adult 235

    Worship Center

  • Russ & Donna Kempton

    Adult 240

    Room 111/113

  • Mark & Camille Guy

    Adult 225

    Room 115/117

  • Ruth Horner

    Women II Class

    Room 138

  • Preschool Sunday School

  • Mike and Jill Bowers

    Two Year Old Class

    Room 140

  • Ruth James

    Bed Babies/One Year Old Class

    Room 141

  • Mark & Melissa Matson

    Three Year Class

    Room 143

  • Tammy Horning

    Pre K Class

    Room 142

  • Jody Williamson

    Pre K Class

    Room 142

  • Children's Sunday School

  • Terry & Becky Taylor


    Room 162

  • Amanda Eisel

    First & Second Grade Class

    Room 160

  • Kelli Kitchen

    First & Second Grade Class

    Room 160

  • Hilda Barnett

    Second & Third Grade Class

    Room 164

  • Jason & Samantha Malone

    Sixth Grade Class

    Room 163

  • 7th-12th Grade Sunday School

  • Joe & Shannon Messer

    Seventh, Eighth & Ninth Grade Class

  • Scott & Amanda Neff

    Tenth, Eleventh & Twelfth Grade Class